vCard.lu upgrade with new features

Jul 01, 2023
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JC Admin
JC Admin

We wanted to reach out and share some exciting updates about our product, vCard.lu. We have recently added some amazing new features that I believe will revolutionize the way people create and share their digital business cards.

vCard.lu is a digital business card maker that includes a QR code maker.

It offers unlimited vcard blocks and multiple themes to choose from. But that’s not all!

We have just upgraded vCard.lu with new features that will enhance the overall user experience and provide even more value. These new features include:

1) Products and Services page: Now users can showcase their products and services directly on their vcard, allowing potential clients and customers to easily browse and learn more about what they offer.

2) Portfolio: Users can now showcase their work and projects through a dedicated portfolio section on their vcard. This is perfect for freelancers, artists, and creative professionals who want to showcase their skills and expertise.

3) Testimonials: Building trust is crucial, and now users can gather and display testimonials from satisfied clients or customers. This adds credibility and helps potential clients or customers make informed decisions.

4) Custom fields for social media and other platforms: We understand that everyone has unique social media profiles and platforms they want to share. With custom fields, users can now add their preferred social media profiles and other platforms to their vCard, making it even easier to connect and engage.

We truly believe these new features will differentiate vCard.lu from other digital business card makers in the market. We have already seen great feedback from our beta testers and early users.

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